Political Party Interventions at VI Table for National Dialogue

During the second day on 20th July, political parties intervened and presented some of their subjects or proposals that were not specified in this VI Table for National Dialogue.

The first representative to intervene was the Party of Social Democratic Coalition (PCSD) that raised two aspects: the problem of the democratic deficit, and the role of the territorial organisations or local corporations.

Following this was an intervention by the Convergence for Social Democracy (CPDS) which applauded the initiative by the President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, and stated some situations that their party experienced at the recent Dialogue Table in 2014, in addition to requesting the legalisation of their spokespeople and the formation of a national group.

During the presentation by the National Democratic Union (UDENA), the party praised the work carried out by the President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea for the country, and for the initiative of this VI Table for National Dialogue.

The Socialist Party of Equatorial Guinea (PSGE), presented an analysis and evaluation on the improvement of the economic situation; the reform of the oil-bearing policy, and the negativity of senior civil servant authorisation in the government and the processing of passports.

During the presentation by the Centre Right Union (UCD), they requested the permissions of evangelical and Pentecostal churches to be regulated; that they require minsters for academic studies, and that the government designates a land for their main site.

Lastly, the National Democratic Party (PND), presented a single recommendation for the government to help all single mothers by establishing a law to resolve problems concerning abandonment.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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