Practical refresher seminar for judicial secretaries

The Supreme Court of Justice saw the need to hold, on Thursday 10th January, a recycling and updating seminar for judicial secretaries, on the eve of the Judicial Year. The start of the work was led by the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, David Nguema Eyang.

The seminar took place in the meeting room at the Palace of Justice in Malabo II, and was attended by the Magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice, president of the Litoral Supreme Court, and the General Secretary of the Judicial Power Higher Council, among other members of the judicial administration.

David Nguema Eyang began his opening speech by praising the efforts of the course facilitators, and he asked those at the seminar to show willingness and understanding regarding the presentations, because the information was very important for the day to day management of their duties, so that the administration of justice could function in accordance with the guidelines and instructions of current judicial regulations.

Finally he mentioned the role of judicial secretaries, whose updated training was necessary so that the administration of justice, in particular judicial power, functioned correctly and in accordance with the requirements of judicial regulations.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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