Preliminary work at Seminar on Business Climate in Equatorial Guinea

On 19th November the preparatory work began on the Strategy to Improve the Business Climate in Equatorial Guinea, with a presentation meeting for the consultancy team from Singapore Corporation Enterprise (SCE), overseen by the Vice-Minister for Finance, the Economy and Planning, who was accompanied by the Secretary of State, Charged with the Horizonte 2020 Programme, and the technical team from ANGE 2020.

In addition, working sessions were held with various ministerial departments, to look at aspects regarding the business climate.

The meeting took place in the meeting room at the Hilton Hotel in Malabo, where the Vice-Minister for Finance welcomed the SCE, expressing the desire of the Government to improve the business climate and attract foreign investment, which is necessary for growth which is sustainable, inclusive and socially responsible.

The vice-minister also indicated that the Government is clear that a good business climate will provide our country with a productive business fabric and investors, which are essential to increase competitiveness and productivity, create jobs, eradicate poverty, and improve the quality of life for the population.

Mr. Marc, representing the SCE, spoke about business with Singapore, in relation to national development plans. He also explained the work being done by the agency throughout the African continent with countries, which are currently reference points with regards to the business climate, such as Rwanda.

In the specific case of Equatorial Guinea, the event with the SCE will serve to raise awareness in public and private institutions on the importance of creating an adequate strategic and legal framework for the development of the private sector, and adopt implementation mechanisms to boost direct foreign investment in the country. Furthermore, it will serve as input for the Third National Economic Conference (IIICEN) in 2019, when the bases for the reorientation of the Horizonte 2020 Equatorial Guinea National Plan for Economic and Social Development will be set out.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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