Presentation from co-speaker Friend Honorato Evita Oma

Honorato Evita Oma was one of the presenters on the second day of the VIII MAO Forum, which is taking place in the City of Peace in Djibloho. His presentation centred on diversification in production and economic activities.

Evita Oma stated that we have to lose and defeat the word fear; fear of risk, if we want to be entrepreneurs within the framework of the development of the social economy.

He also pointed out that the purpose of our country’s economy is to achieve independence in specific sectors, such as industry.

Everyone, or the majority of the population, thanks to the oil boom, has consolidated a pretty comfortable middle class, which is the economy of a country. The middle class does not reactivate it, the middle class only tries to defend its position, so as not to lose what it has”, he declared.

The speaker asked for the creation of new products and the transformation of industrial drinks, and that at successive forums the national private sector were taken into account, because entrepreneurs are not taking part in national events.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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