Presentation in the Senate of reports from missions abroad

Under the presidency of Teresa Efua Asangono, accompanied by her First and Second Vice-Presidents, A�ngel Serafin Seriche Dougan Malabo and Agustin Nze Nfumu, on 29th March the Senate plenary session examined a total of four points.

There was a Senate plenary session on 29th for the presentation of reports from missions abroad, and the approval of the minutes and assessment of the previous meeting which featured the presence of a senior Government delegation, led by the Second Vice Prime Minister, Charged with Judicial Affairs from the Presidency and Parliamentary Relations, A�ngel Mesie Mibuy, and the Minister for Public Administration and Administrative Reform, Faustino Ndong Esono Eyang, who appeared before the Senate to defend the Draft Law to modify specific articles of the Law on State Civil Servants.

Having spent time carefully reviewing the minutes, which were read by the First Secretary of the Table, Martin Crisanto Ebe Mba, the parliamentarians agreed to continue with the presentation of reports in the coming days. The reports include the one by the Senate delegation that took part in the fourth Forum of Legislators from the International Renewable Energy Agency, which took place from 10th to 13th January in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates; and the fourth meeting of the national steering committee for the creation of the REDD+ National Investment Plan, held in Malabo on 6th January.

In the same context, the senators will hear reports from the technical meeting on preparatory support for the effective participation of Equatorial Guinea in the Climate Green Fund, which also took place in Malabo from 7th to 8th January; from the CPLP Parliamentary Assembly organised over two days in Praia, Cape Verde, and the meeting of CPLP presidents which took place in Luanda, the capital of Angola, from 27th to 28th February.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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