Presentation of CEMAC old photographs project

The Ministry for Scientific Research and Innovation in the Republic of Congo, Martin Parfait Aime Coussoud Mavoungu, attended the presentation of the project involving old area photographs of CEMAC member countries. It is a project of vital importance, according to the Regional Director of the Institute for Geographical Computerisation from France, Aude Areste Lamendour, when she underlined the fact that member countries of the CEMAC area must oversee the conservation of the negatives of all old photographs of each country.

Through this project, experts in photography intend to create cultural heritage associated with old photographs of Central Africa. To do that there is an urgent need to digitalise or computerise the few photographic archives that to date exist in some countries of the subregion.

This meeting was attended by ambassadors from member countries, including the accredited Equatorial Guinea Extraordinary Plenipotentiary Ambassador to the Republic of Congo, Samuel Ateba Owono.

An old photograph is a relic and provides a lot to scientific research, said the Minister for Scientific Research, who asked for the collaboration of the diplomats in the zone so that they reported to their respective governments of the project initiative, in order that everyone could work together to achieve the aims set out for the medium term.

The member of the Congolese government also expressed the importance of the matter, and highlighted the opportunities it would create, following the initiation of this ambitious project for the subregion of Central Africa.

The minister concluded by indicating that the affected departments in each member State should count all the photographs, together with negatives, that are conserved.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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