Presentation of Equatoguinean cuisine in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The Equatorial Guinea Consulate in the Canaries archipelago organised a presentation event for Equatoguinean cuisine in the Casa de Africa on 15th September, which was attended by various members of the consular corps, the resident Equatoguinean colony, and guests from Canaries institutions.

The event began with words of welcome and thanks from the consul Emerenciana Mangue Obiang Esidad, Equatoguinean cuisine has a wide variety of dishes, of which some are traditional, such as those we are presenting this afternoon, and others are mixed, being the result of 200 years of coexistence with Spain”.

The aim of the event was to try the traditional dishes from our cuisine, and raise awareness about the way of life of Equatoguineans, and to do this there was a spot showing the preparation of typical dishes from each ethnic group, such as ebafono, abala, sardine fishballs, pantap, pisso, djomba, bocao, wrapped peanut and pumpkin, etc.

The guests praised the initiative, which was the first event of this kind to be organised in the Canaries, and highlighted the wide variety of Equatoguinean cuisine.

The consular attache, Timoteo Mebian Esono and all the personnel from the mission attended the presentation.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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