Presentation of files to directors and inspectors of educational centres

The Secretary of State, Charged with the Ministry for Education and University, teaching, Pascual Ondo Masa, has presented the files to the directors and inspectors of educational centres, while reporting on other aspects concerning the education system.

The Secretary of State, during the presentation of files, reported on the two-day deadline for presenting them, together with the authorisation, at the General Inspection Services office at the department.

Furthermore, Pascual Ond Masa, in his advice, pointed out the problem of the high quotas in some private centres, which has the effect of reducing the numbers being schooled.

For that reason, he called in them to work with prudence and integrity in the sector and, in that way, begin the new course by carrying out the relevant improvements.

The meeting concluded with questions from some directors of educational centres.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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