Presentation of first novel by Vice-Minister for Health

In the La Casa Tomada bookshop, in Malabo national Park, Motoha Ondo’o Ayekaba presented his first novel, “Claro de Luna”, on 29th June.

Mitoha Ondoo Ayekaba, current Vice-Minister for Health and Social Welfare, presented today his first novel, “Claro de Luna” in La Casa Tomada bookshop, at an event attended by the writers Cesar Mba Abogo, Minister for Finance, the Economy and Planning, and Jose Fernando Siale Djangany, in addition to the presence of outstanding figures and autho0rities from our country.

The book “Claro de Luna”, with African roots and universal concepts, is a work that takes us to the thoughts and lives of characters that faithfully represent the needs and dreams of an African continent that, with a hopeful present -not forgetting its ancestral culture accumulated since the origins of humanity- will be, without doubt, the continent of the future.

It is a work conceived from a dimension in which history, dreams and the night play a huge role, brought together under the tensions of real life, myths, and/or magic”, explained Mitoha Ondo’o Ayekaba, during the presentation of his book. It is a text which is not free from harshness on many pages, but it is also full of hope and shows the extraordinary literary level of the author.

Mitoha Ondoo is a politician, writer and economist, with a degree in management and a specialist in public policy. He has lived in Europe, America and Africa. From 2009 to 2011, he worked as Business Coordinator of MEGPL and as chief adviser in the creation of better conditions for the strategy of social investment. In 2012, he continued with the coordination of the implementation of the Malaria Control Programme in the Island of Bioko (BIMCP), extending it to the Equatorial Guinea Vaccination Initiative against Malaria, on which he is currently working.

Source: Vice-Minister for Health and Social Welfare Press Office

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