Presentation of Ministerial Workshops at Oil and Gas Meeting Day

Oil and Gas Meeting Day Malabo began on 1st October with three presentations called ministerial workshops, led by three officials from the ministries of Finance, Mines and Hydrocarbons, and Commerce. Their presentations revealed the opportunities offered by their sectors to foreign companies that wish to cooperate.

The sessions took place at the Palace of Conferences in Sipopo, and were attended by the Minister for Mines and Hydrocarbons, Gabriel Mbega Obiang Lima, some members of the Government, and delegations from various countries.

The first presentation was by the Deputy Director for Hydrocarbons at the Ministry for Finance and the Economy, Santiago Seriche Dougan, who focused his presentation on the Law on Tariff and Tax, which guarantees economic results for investors.

Likewise, there was a presentation from the General Coordinator of the Single Window, Francisco Javier Maye Obono, who reported to the entrepreneurs on the activities of this single window, its importance and the requirements in order to access it. At the same time he gave a positive evaluation of the 887 companies that today form a part of it. In addition, he invited interested foreign companies to join.

Finally, the GTS Coordinator, under the Ministry for Mines and Hydrocarbons, Santiago Martin Nnandong Nve, spoke about the process for registering with the Ministry for Mines and the purpose of this registration.

The presentations were followed by questions, concerns and suggestions from those present.

With the first session of the panel over, the opening of the conference began, overseen by the Prime Minister, Francisco Pascual Obama Asue.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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