Presentation of new Gepetrol Seguros shareholders

On Monday 28th May, a meeting took place at the Gepetrol Torre meeting room, as part of their strategy to meet the regulations established for the subregion to create an insurance company.

Gepetrol Seguros has embarked upon a process of shareholder diversification as an essential requirement in order to obtain the CIMA (Inter-African Conference of Insurance Markets) licence.

Following the launch of the share offer, the following institutions joined:

-Gepetrol S.A.


-Africa Re

-Proincoge S.L

This is a historic moment in the trajectory of Gepetrol Seguros” said the president of the Board of Directors, Antonio Oburu Ondo, who explained that Gepetrol Seguros arose from a decree granting exclusivity in matters of oil insurance to Gepetrol.

Furthermore, he indicated that obtaining the CIMA licence would bring benefits such as increased operational order, more structure, greater rigour, better management, more legitimacy and more income for the State coffers.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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