Presentation of new portal for seeking employment

The presentation event for the new portal took place on the evening of Thursday 13th December, at the Hotel Magno Suite. In addition to various entrepreneurs, it was also attended by the president of the Bioko Chamber of Trade, Gregorio Boho Camo, and the Director General for Employment Promotion and Labour Development, Luis Bokung Asumu, among others.

The Director of, Yolanda Asumu, in her speech, said that the new platform was an innovative initiative, as the company has more activities on the platform that could be useful for professionals, or for seeking employment, As you have seen, today we have been joined by representatives from the Ministry for Work and for Trade, and from the Bioko Chamber of Trade. This event is a relaunch of, because we have recognised that there are many tools required by human resources in order to access the most qualified professionals”.

Yolanda Asumu added that there were also advantages for professionals using the new portal, “because they will not have to go door to door looking for work. From their phones or laptops they can go to the portal in order to access their files through the human resources of the company requesting the employment”.

The president of the Chamber of trade praised the initiative, and stated that it would always have the support of the chamber.

The Director General for Employment Promotion and Labour Development from the Ministry for Work and Social Security, Luis Bokung Asumu, highlighted the importance of the initiative, taking into account that the labour market in our country is in the process of transition, We are going from a phase of easy employment to a phase of complicated employment, as the the market itself and the economic situation in the country have also changed. We are going from the phase of the construction of large infrastructures to the phase of a true service economy. The work of the company has recognised the importance of accompanying services in the search for employment. This also facilitates the acquisition of various sources of information and various search tools, and the initiative is highly innovative because it puts the unemployed at the disposal of the market, and provides young people with a very innovative mechanism for seeking employment”.

Representatives of the company present at the ceremony also described the initiative as effective, and reaffirmed the fact that this portal will facilitate access to employment and allow registration and employment seeking in very little time.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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