Presentation of new president of Sector Technical Commission at Chamber of Trade

The president of the Bioko Official Chamber of Trade, Gregorio Boho Camo, in a meeting with members of the institution, introduced the new president of the Sector technical Commission, Fernando Hermes Vegas Moiche.

During the event, Boho Camo recalled that without the private business sector the country could not function, and with the new dynamic from the new president, the service sector could improve its operations. For his part, the new president thanked the president of the Chamber of Trade and his team for their trust and the opportunity for the responsibility, We, on the technical commission, are going to present a plan to all members of the Chamber of trade, in order to take specific action in 2019.

The business sector will be heavily involved in this aspect, as it is the base. For that reason we are going to consult entrepreneurs and companies in order to understand their objectives for 2019.

We will try to do everything possible so that the business sector can move forward, as next year the Government is organising an Economic Conference. At the conference we are going to use the occasion to make the Chamber of trade visible, and companies will receive its support. We have a wide sector which we need to work on a lot, in the hope that companies stick with the new vision of the Chamber of Trade”.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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