Presentation of projects to Nigerian Tony Elumelu Foundation

On Friday 22nd March, the candidates who presented their projects to the Tony Elumelu Foundation were called, in order to present their experiences at an official event. Those projects that will receive the donation of 5,000 dollars after the creation and legal constitution of their companies will soon be determined.

The ceremony was overseen by the Director general for National Content from the Ministry for Mines, Jacinto Nguema Owono.

The Tony Elumelu Foundation is a programme created by the Nigerian magnate Tony Elumelu to boost African entrepreneurship, providing 5,000 dollars to those projects that transform and positively impact African society, submitted by entrepreneurs and business leaders.

In 2019, the foundation received a total of 26 projects from Equatorial Guinea, an increase of 38% in participation in relation to previous years (2017-2018). Following a feasibility study for these projects, those receiving the donation, following the creation and legal constitution of their companies, will be determined.

The event took place at the headquarters of the pan-African professional network, the first employment platform in Equatorial Guinea capable of connecting companies and qualified employment seekers, which serves as a tool for the effective management of curriculum vitae.

The company was chosen this year by the foundation as the communication and empowerment channel for entrepreneurs living in Equatorial Guinea, through the communication of the programme and the availability of communication materials for the handling and sending of projects from all interested parties.

They also heard speeches from various bodies, who provide support for the proposals of these projects.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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