Presentation of report on formulation of social and public policies

The report on the formulation of social and public policies was presented on 27 August before the Senate plenary session chaired by the Second Vice-President of the institution, Agustin Nze Nfumu, in the Palace of International Congresses and Conferences in Ngolo, in the city of Bata, being the provisional headquarters for this upper-level legislative organisation.

During the plenary session, Senator Salvador Mangue Ayingono who is a member of the senate delegation headed by Senator Eulalia Envo Bela, and who attended the Third Edition of the Specialisation Course on Formulation of Social and Public Policies in Ibero-America 2019 which took place in the Spanish cities of Salamanca and Madrid, and organised by the Ibero-American Social Security Organisation (OISS), explained that the objective of the aforementioned seminar in which also participated representatives of the lower house and the INSESO board was to promote social welfare of the Ibero-American countries through the coordination and exchange of experiences in Social Security, and in the field of social protection.

Highlighting that the Ibero-American institute of Social Security is an International Organisation formed by Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Spain, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia, Uruguay and Equatorial Guinea, it deals with issues concerning social policies and the organisation has some permanent activities such as training, technical assistance, institutional visits and exchanges, workshops, seminars and publications, a database for social security systems, and connects their objectives in the fields of development of governmental structures regarding regulation, inspection, monitoring and control of social protection, improvement of governance and management of social security systems, education in social secuity, quality, humanisation and health economy, gender quality, promotion of employment development for people with disabilities, the situation of senior citizens, Ibero-American strategy for social security and the Ibero-American multilateral agreement of social security to reduce inequalities, poverty, to obtain a decent job, economic growth, health and well-being.

It is also worth noting that the seminar was made up of four modules that referred to public policies, types and methods of public policies, state interventions, public sector and citizenship, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals and Social Security in Ibero-America.

Senator Salvador Mangue Ayingono concluded the presentation of the report before the plenary by clarifying that the talks by the different modules in the aforementioned seminar were based on the experiences of some countries regarding Ibero-American social and public policies in order to verify the fulfilment of the Ibero-American Multilateral Agreement, and if that were not the case, to re-establish measures for efficiency and effectiveness.

Next on the agenda was a round of debates in which the speech by the National Delegate from INSESO caused several comments by the senators regarding his explanations with regard to the concept of the pension, considering that it is a legal right for anyone who has worked and paid Social Security contributions. They also expressed their disagreement regarding the absence of government members responsible for social affairs considering that, besides Equatorial Guinea being a member of this international organisation, the seminar dealt with public policies, which is why it was necessary to send an invitation to the government.

Source: Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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