Presentation of reports from exterior missions

The Senate Plenary Session chaired by the president of this upper-level legislative organisation, Teresa Efua Asangono, has organised her second meeting for the Second Ordinary Period of parliamentary sessions for 2019, in order to listen to the reports from missions of the senatorial delegations which took part in different international forums.

The second plenary session carried out in the Palace of International Congresses and Conferences in Ngolo commenced with the presentation and adoption of the order of the day, a reading of the first plenary session that took place on 5 August this year led by the First Secretary of the Table, Martin Crisanto Ebee Mba, and was approved afterwards with amendments.

This was followed by the presentation of reports from missions of the different forums of a national and international nature that included the participation of Equatorial Guinean senatorial delegations.

The first report was presented by Senator Carlos Eyi Obama regarding the seminar organisedby the FAO and the Ministry of Fishing and Hydrological Resources carried out from 1 to 5 July at Hotel Anda China in Malabo. The purpose of the report was to raise awareness on the importance of the FAO Agreement concerning the measures by the Port State Control to eradicate unreported and unregulated illegal fishing, in addition to allow the disembarkment of those fishing boats in the ports to be able to confiscate the species caught.

During Senator Carlos Eyi Obama’s statement, he pointed out that the start was characterised by speeches made by the FAO representative in Equatorial Guinea and the Minister for Fishing and Hydrological Resources who agreed on highlighting the importance of this seminar, and the availability of the large maritime area that our country has, pointing out that it is necessary to fight against unreported and unregulated illegal fishing, as it constitutes a significant problem that results in negative repercussions in the economy.

The fight against illegal fishing in the international framework, the governance of fishing in the regional and national field, measures by Port State Control, the responsibilities of flag and waterside states, and those in the market, were among the issues addressed during the seminar, and these issues were carried out by the consultant in order to have a clearer understanding. According to the report, three work groups were formed which came to an agreement on tentatively identifying some breaches, and proposed actions that could prevent such breaches by identifying their level of priority and the time period in which they could be materialised by the institutions responsible.

Besides gathering the conclusions in the judicial framework and public policies, institutions and capacity, as well as a service for the control and monitoring in operations, procedures and regional mechanisms and cooperation, the report presented in this conference before the plenary recommends that the senators approve the authorisation of confirmation for the FAO Agreement on the Port State Control measures intended to prevent, detect and eradicate unreported and unregulated illegal fishing as the Republic of Equatorial Guinea Government needs such agreement due to its importance.

Following the presentation of this report applauded by Efua Asangono and the Second Vice-President, Agustin Nze Nfumu, the senators made observations that were clarified by Carlos Eyi Obama Nsang while the president of the institution gave some indications for improving the way in which the reports are presented.

Finally, the plenary session concluded with the handing over of seminar qualifications on training and institutional consolidation by the upper house that were recently developed in the Chamber of Deputies headquarters, and recognised by the senators of the first legislature.

Source: Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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