Presentation of reports in Chamber of Deputies continues

Over recent months, the deputies who have taken part in various international forums, have continued to present their reports, regarding their missions before the meeting of the legislative body held in Yamena (Chad) from 3rd to 10th April, of the CEMAC Community Parliament.

It was the first session of the Community Parliament to be held outside its official headquarters in Malabo, through the initiative of its acting president, the Chadian Mahamat Alui Kosso, and the Chadian authorities justified moving the meeting by the need of the population of that country to get to know the aims, ends and competences of the CEMAC Community Parliament.

The delegation, made up of community deputies, Miguel Adjang Angue, Isabel Eraul Ivina, Jose Antonio Esono Obiang and Crispin Engongo Nguema, had a single point on the agenda, which was the examination and approval of the community budget for the current 2018 economic period.

The budget was drawn up within a framework of the persistent threat to peace in the subregion, in particular in Cameroon, Chad and Central African Republic, the fall in the price of oil, on which the economies of the majority of countries in the subregion depend, instability of the institutions with their headquarters in Bangui, and their move to our country.

Following intense debate, the CEMAC Parliament approved the 2018 community budget, which rose to 79 thousand 972 million 113 thousand Franco CFA, signifying a reduction of 30.44 percent.

The idea is that the population can benefit directly through these programmes to improve their welfare, which would also provide added value to our economy through jobs; for that reason, the delegation recommends taking steps to guarantee the rights and advantages of Equatorial Guinea in these organisations.

On the level of the Community Integration Tax (TCI), the delegation reported that, due to delays from all country members, the CEMAC last year took the decision to write off 90 % of these debts, with each country obliged to pay the remaining 10 percent before 31st December 2017. Only Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon have complied with this mandate. The CEMAC budget was approved, corresponding to the the present economic period.

The session of the Chamber of Deputies also heard a report from the delegation that took part in the eighth edition of the Congress on the World Water Forum, held in Brasilia, from 18th to 23rd of March, presented by the deputy Metodio Mba Nsogo Mangue, who was part of the delegation from the National Parliament that attended the conference.

The forum brought together heads of State and Governments, ministers, parliamentarians, NGOs and universities, among other bodies. At the meeting, the Vice-President of the Republic, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, was present in representation of the Head of State, and gave an important speech which was applauded by those present.

The conference was overseen by the president of the joint committee on climate change, the Brazilian senator Jorge Viana, who recognised that water is an essential element for maintaining life on the planet, and that access to drinking water is a human right recognised by the UN.

The report was also adopted, after hearing the evaluations of the honourable deputies, in which they insisted on the need for greater awareness-raising of the population by the media and educational centres, on the sustainable use of water and the importance of environmental health.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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