Presentation of reports of trips abroad in Senate

The Equatorial Guinea Parliamentary delegation that took part in the IV Forum of Legislators and in the IX Annual Assembly of the International Agency for Renewable Energies in the United Arab Emirates was the first to present its report on its official mission abroad before the Senate plenary session on 1st April.

The Senator Jaime Ela Ndong Nsang presented the report, and pointed out that the international agency IRENA is an inter-government organisation which aims to promote the implementation and sustain all forms of renewable energy, taking into account national and international priorities and the benefits deriving from renewable energies and fuels, together with their contribution to the conservation of the environment.

In the report, the head of the delegation stressed that the fourth forum of legislators from the International Agency on Renewable Energy aimed to create policies on fuels and related products, spread specific information and knowledge, and facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practice which could support parliaments when introducing measured and decisions to accelerate fuel transformation, in order to contribute towards achieving the common socio-economic and environmental aims, as legislators are the ones who experience first hand the problems of the population and can help governments install biomass plants in rural areas.

The Senate delegation also attended the IRENA assembly, the top decision-making body, that meets annually to debate and decide on matters relating to the budget, the working programme, and the adoption of reports, requests for membership and possible amendments to the agency’s activities.

IRENA recommends that governments adopt policies to invest in renewable energies, provide practical tools and advice to accelerate its deployment, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the transfer of technology in order to obtain clean sustainable energy.

During the presentation, the senators expressed interest in the support from IRENA for developing countries and its main aims. The parliamentarian Jaime Ela Ndong Nsang pointed out that this international organisation expects to promote 54 million jobs for member countries, in addition to boosting and accelerating the deployment of renewable energies.

Source: Senate Press and Information Office

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