Presentation of the magazine Africando

The Hotel Tres de Agosto was the setting for the presentation of the magazine Africando, a ceremony which was chaired by its director, journalist and writer Carmela Oyono Ayingono, prominent intellectual, who learned her journalistic career in Cuba.

The Cuban Ambassador Pedro Doña Santana, along with his Venezuelan counterpart, Daniel Cartaya Laya, were present among the guests of honor at the ceremony held at the Hotel Tres de Agosto on the occasion of the presentation of the magazine Africando. The event was also attended by Joaquin Elema Borengue, Delegate Minister of Transportation, Technology, Postal Sevices and Communications, civil servants of CICTE, of the CEMAC, and other artists, researchers and family members.

Carmela Oyono said the magazine will be of a cultural nature and has dedicated its first issue to the great sculptor Leandro Mbomio Nsue, who was known worldwide as “the black Picasso”, a figure of international renown and prestige of Equatorial Guinean art, who left works of historical and reference value for Africa and the world.

According to the director, in the next issue they will publish a work of homage and a reminder of the arrival to Equatorial Guinea of the two hundred Cubans who were taken forcefully by former Spanish colonizers in the 18th century to the island of Bioko, then called Fernando Poo. These Cubans who left cultural, family, gastronomical, and other roots, many of which are still present today and have served to continue uniting African cultures between Cuba, Equatorial Guinea and the Caribbean.

Oyono mentioned in her presentation other books written by her, some dedicated to the life and work of the President of the Republic and the political, social, human and intellectual contribution which he has been contributing since taking over the destiny of the nation, seeking the economic and social improvement of the population and working for peace, unity, and security of his people and other African countries.

Source: Embassy of Cuba in Equatorial Guinea
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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