Presentation of Town Plan to Mayor of Bata

The Mayor of Bata Town Hall, Bonifacio Manga Obiang, received in his official office a delegation of professional experts from the company Atland Global, who came to formally present the Town Plan for the city of Bata.

The meeting began with a reading of the technical report by the Regional Delegate from the Ministry for Town Planning, Francisco Esono Ensema, who presented the Mayor of Bata with the work designed under the Atland Global town planning project.

Esono Ensema said that, in order for the project to work well, qualified personnel would have to be recruited. Specifically, Atland Global, in coordination with the Ministry for Town Planning, plans to hold a training course in the near future.

In his speech, Manga Obiang asked Atland to recruit qualified personnel, and to respect contractual agreements with the Government.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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