Presentation on economic development and corruption

The importance of economic development and the fight against corruption were the main points developed in this presentation, which was delivered during the third day of the VIII Friends of Obiang Movement (MAO) Forum.

“The aim of this presentation is to raise awareness among the population in order to ensure that citizens are conscious that in order to have economic development there must be a fight against corruption, as this impedes successful development”.

Regarding economic development, one of the main concerns for all people is the meeting of their multiple needs. In every country the Government takes on the concerns of each individual, and sets one of the main objectives in achieving well-being for the general population.

Companies are interested in maximising the efficiency of their production processes in order to reduce unit costs, and technological improvements are incorporated quickly, as there is an expectation to recover any investment in the medium term.

The planning and implementation of economic development is based and rests on the first national economic conference held in 2007, in order to satisfy the needs of the people, where the Great Friend Obiang, concerned about the welfare of his people on the threshold of oil production, called the meeting in order to put to the national and international community the need to plan the rational use of the benefits resulting from the extraction of hydrocarbons.

Furthermore, the Government enjoys the patronage of the Great Friend Obiang Nguema, and is calling a second national conference, with the aim of including all social strata in Equatorial Guinea, in the presence of the national and international community”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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