Presentation on Financing Mechanisms for Development

The technical conferences at the III National Economic Conference are continuing as planned at the Palace of Conferences in Sipopo. On Wednesday 24th April the panel on Financial Mechanisms for Development was presented.

With the celebration of this III NEC the Government intends to establish the bases for the redirection of the National Economic and Social Development Plan Horizonte 2020. The Government is also presenting the route travelled in the execution of the Horizonte 2020 Development Plan for the Country. The aim is to adjust the planning outlines for economic and social development to the fiscal framework in the short and medium term. Another of the aims of the conference is to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals and the Africa 2063 Agenda, within the planning outlines for economic and social development.

The presentations during the day came from the director generals for Budgets and State Heritage, the Director General for Planning and Programming; the Director General for national Content, from International Bodies from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, and the State Treasury Paymaster General.

There were also interventions by the the Director General of ANIF; the Director of the Autonomous Fund for Debt Payment, and the Adviser to the Presidency of the Government in matters of the Financial Markets and Public Debt, who spoke of the virtues of the financial market, the capacity to mobilise savings, the increase in the financial measures for companies and financial institutions, and the importance of the financial market in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Some of the other issues raised were the challenge for the financial market in Central Africa and definitions of the capital financial market.

After the presentations there was an interventions section, in which some of those present put questions and others made recommendations.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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