Presentation on medical deontology within the national health system

On Tuesday 31st July, the presenter Salomon Nguema Owono and the moderator Praxedes Rabat Makambo, delivered to the VIII MAO National Forum in Djibloho, city of Peace, a presentation under the name “Medical Deontology within the national health system”.

“Humanitarianism, solidarity and unity are values which have always accompanied the medical profession throughout history, and these qualities can be found in the statutes of the Friends of Obiang (MAO ) Movement this year.

The medical profession demands a wide knowledge base, with the aim of taking care of human health; the moral basis of medical activities rests, as such, on humanitarian ideas.

The medical profession is an achievement that demands self-affirmation and purity of soul: the attention and concern of the doctor must always be directed towards greatest possible prevention of the damaging consequences of illness, both in the physical and psychological aspects”. These were some of the points presented by the speaker, Nguema Owono.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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