Presentation on the Eradication of Malaria

Continuing with the cycle of presentations at the VIII MAO Forum in Djibloho, the speaker Vicente Urbano, together with the moderator Praxedes Rabat Makambo, gave their presentation entitled “The eradication of Malaria in Equatorial Guinea”.

The presentation began with the following affirmation: “The development of a people rests on its health”.

Today malaria continues to be a public health issue on a global scale, being responsible for 445 thousand deaths a year.

Specifically, in Equatorial Guinea malaria continues to be the main cause of death, representing 45% of medical consultations at health centres.

In 1989, the National Programme to Fight Malaria was created, and the Government, at the same time, through the Ministry for Health and Social Welfare, began to exercise greater control over the illness, which received the name “Malaria control on the Island of North Bioko”.

The main aim of the Government is to eliminate malaria from Equatorial Guinea, taking the first step through the initiative of the creation of a vaccine against the illness, in addition to the creation of a National Ethics Committee, under the acronym CENGE.

The presenter published the first trials from Equatorial Guinea, and the results obtained gave the green light to beginning the second clinical trial on the vaccine for malaria, in order to determine whether they are viable for all ages and both sexes.

The partners on this project are the company Sanaria, the national programme to fight malaria under the Ministry for Health and Social Welfare, the Tanzania Institute, oil companies and EMSIGIAL, in addition to the Swiss Tropical Health Institute.

Future plans include:

1. The preparation of the third clinical trials of the vaccine against malaria, with the aim of evaluating safety and tolerance.

2. The creation of a temporary research centre .

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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