Presentations, analysis and discussions at III NEC continue

Under the banner “Consolidating Social Equality and Economic Diversification”, the various presentations being given by the working groups at the III National Economic Conference are continuing at the Palace of Conferences in Sipopo.

On Tuesday 23rd April, they spoke about the Eradication of Poverty, social inclusion and sustainable peace, productivity and industrialisation and environmental sustainability. All these themes were covered with a single aim: to establish the bases for the reorientation of the National Plan for Economic and Social Development Horizonte 2020.

On 24th, experts, members of the Government, the private sector and civic society analysed the Financing Mechanisms for Development, and various director Generals from the Ministry for Finance, Foreign Affairs and others gave their presentations. Each sector is evaluating the level of work being carried out, with respect to the quality of content and the capacity for dialogue.

The panel of presentations will continue on 25th, with the theme: Agenda for Economic Recovery, under the Director General for the Economy and National Accounts.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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