Presentations on socio-cultural health coexistence against HIV-AIDS

Following the opening of an event in Basakato de la Sagrada Familia, there was also a series of presentations on a variety of topics.

Among the topics chosen, the one relating to the ways to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of the urban district, presented by Nchaso and Esene, stood out. Piruchi Apo gave a presentation on gender violence, in her capacity as ambassador for the Start free, Stay Free, Aids Free initiative. Apo recognised that the local population had participated, and that was a cause for hope.

Other presentations given were on how to prevent discrimination and stigmatisation of those living with HIV-AIDS. Drugs and alcoholism among young people were some of the other presentations given during the event.

Justino Obama, speaking to the press after the event, praised the initiative: We believe it is an important activity. For that reason the First Lady, Constancia Mangue de Obiang, has sponsored it, because for many years she has advocated activities to fight HIV/AIDS and we are conscious of her efforts and those of the Government in recent years in financing activities. But, clearly, we are seeing, despite the efforts deployed, that results are not being achieved.

We believe that a large section of the population does not have the awareness necessary to join this fight; because currently AIDS is not fought through a sector, it is a multi-sector fight and the population is key to this fight. And that is the handicap we have, because the majority of the population has not been aware of this pandemic. A community activity like this is welcome, and the First Lady insists that these activities occur with greater frequency on a community level, so that the response is more effective”.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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