President and First Lady join 2017 Electoral Register

The registration process for the 2017 electoral register, in preparation for the upcoming Parliamentary and Municipal elections, began on Tuesday 1st August 2017.

On the first day of the registration process, which is essential in order to guarantee free democratic access to your electoral rights, the Head of State, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and the First Lady, Constancia Mangue de Obiang, were the first to carry out the registration process. They did this in the city of Mongomo, where the presidential couple went to electoral table number 962 of the neighbourhood community in the G-2 zone.

Following registration, the Head of State faced the press who had covered the event. In his words to the media, the Head of State invited citizens to go to the electoral tables in order to be able to vote for their candidates in the upcoming elections for people’s representatives.

He also underlined that the date for these elections will be set accordingly after the electoral register is completed, with registration open from 1st to 13th August.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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