President concludes course at Oveng Ansem military academy

The Head of State, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, has brought to a close a course at the Oveng Ansem military academy. The official ceremony took place at the stadium facilities at this higher centre for military training.

More than five thousand young people of both sexes made up the files joining the military body on 5th December, after completing their training at the Nguema Eyi Higher Commissioning School, in Oveng Ansem, located in the district of Mongomo.

The ceremony included the presentation of the technical and academic report by the director of the centre, who gave details of the course, which began in April this year.

In addition to the subjects given in various modules on the basic and specific military training, the graduates also benefited from a series of conferences on respect for human rights, the police and public freedoms, respect for human rights in the police service, the maintenance of public order within the judicial framework, the treatment of those without papers, the evolution of the national police corps and the empowerment of women, among other subjects.

Following a reading by the Director General for Training, Recruitment and Academies of Ministerial Order Number 70, of 3rd December this year, bringing the course to a close, there was a presentation of diplomas and certificates to over one thousand troops, the decoration of the training instructors the the police and gendarmerie agents who showed excellent behaviour during the course, through decree numbers 188 and 189/2018, of 5th December, issued by the Presidency of the Republic, and read by the Chancellor for National Orders, Daniel Ncogo Ncogo, in addition to a swearing of allegiance to the flag. Following that, those present heard a speech from the Minister of State for national Security, Nicolas Obama Nchama.

Obama Nchama stated that there are no perfect societies, but ones to be perfected, and in order to achieve that perfection, the application of the law and the requirement for the law to be upheld must be rigorous.

In addition to underlining that the fight against delinquency and criminality is a task for everyone, he declared that “neither delinquents, nor the unruly, nor those who mistreat the population by taking advantage of their position as police or gendarmerie, nor those who fine citizens illegally, nor those whose presence is synonymous with fear in the population, whether native or expatriate, have been trained: a capable, disciplined, professional personnel has been trained.

You are public servants and, as such, your actions must always be backed by principles and values, the faithfulness and loyalty of figures of highest authority in the nation”.

At this emotional ceremony, the Head of State expressed his satisfaction on seeing new elements joining the Armed Forces, the mission of which is to defend the Equatoguinean people. He also invited the new graduates to be responsible, have a spirit of sacrifice, and respect for the hierarchy, people and their possessions.

H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo added that the new members of the military had a mission to defend the homeland, peace, internal order and the prosperity of the nation.

The knowledge acquired must grace the Ministry for national Security. Equatorial Guinea is currently an international benchmark, because it has been in peace for more than three decades. You have to forget the mentality of the past in which the uniformed official was considered superior to the population. You are not superior to the population, but are servants of the people; what you have to do is satisfy our people, by fighting against acts which make our people uncomfortable”, stated the President.

In addition, he also pointed out that work was currently being done towards economic and material development and the progress of the nation; goals which can only be achieved through peace, internal order, and respect fro institutions.

The Head of State made it clear that the new contingent of police and gendarmerie officers must defend the homeland, the national territory, internal order, and the security of the people, in order to demonstrate civility to foreigners who visit our nation, leaving aside attitudes which tend to damage the prestige of these corps.

In another moment during his speech, he denounced the existence of delinquency in the country, as an evil which “we have to eradicate; a goal which, if we achieve it, will make Equatorial Guinea a benchmark country”.

Police and gendarmerie officers will be in charge of providing services on barriers, and for that reason H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo invited them to require of the people the conditions established under law, in other words, to register people via personal identity documents or passports.

We have signed the free circulation of people and goods; people must be controlled but, having said that, if a person is correctly documented, then they will be free to move in national territory”, declared the Head of State.

The training was given by national instructors over a period of eight months. After demonstrating the skills acquired during the course, and in the presence of political, religious and military authorities and their families, the graduates from the second class of police and gendarmerie officers paraded before the Head of State and Government, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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