President of Chamber of Deputies receives Angolan Ambassador

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Gaudencio Mohaba Messu, granted an audience to the accredited Angolan Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, Gilberto Buta Lutucuta, with whom he spoke about the importance of the cooperation agreements signed by the Governments of the two countries; agreements which have already been ratified by the Angolan Parliament, and whose ratification requests in our country have been approved by the Lower Chamber and are currently before the Senate for a second reading.

The two figures underlined the excellent relations which exist between the two countries, and the need to implement these agreements and cooperation protocols signed on matters of security, defence, infrastructures, education and training, and in the commercial, fishing and oil sectors, the exploitation of air services in their respective territories, and the exemption of visas for diplomatic, official and service passports, based on the feelings of brotherhood and fraternity uniting the two peoples and Governments.

Equatorial Guinea and Angola are members of the same regional and international organisations, such as the United Nations Organisation, the African Union, the Community of Portuguese Language Countries, and the Gulf of Guinea Commission, and the progressive process of collaboration between the two countries has increased in recent years, with fluid cooperation, which is spreading into different sectors, with the aim of promoting sustainable development for the two peoples, the fight against piracy, and the maintenance of peace and security in African and the world in general.

The Angolan diplomat, who was accompanied by the secretaries from his embassy, Ines Matias Dos Santos and Leonel Antonio Romao, used the occasion to congratulate the President of the Chamber of Deputies for his re-election as leader of the legislative body.

For his part, Gaudencio Mohaba passed on the feeling of gratitude from the President of the Republic and the people of Equatorial Guinea to the people of Angola, for their support above all in matters of security.

At the recent Interparliamentary Union Assembly, held in Geneva,the Angolan National Assembly also supported the institutional declaration adopted by the national Parliament, to condemn the mercenary attack recently carried out in our country, as revealed during the audience which took place in the presence of the two secretaries from the Table of the Chamber of Deputies, Amancio Mitogo Nze Afang and Juan Fernando Nvara Engonga, together with the General Secretary of the Institution, Bienvenido Ekwaga.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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