President of the CICTE receives a delegate from International Commission for Optics

The President of the Scientific and Technological Research Council (CICTE), Anacleto Olo Mibuy, held a meeting on 27 August with a delegate from the International Commission for Optics, Professor Pedro Fernandez de Cordoba.

Fernandez de Cordoba presented the proposal of the aforementioned international organisation to the CICTE, in order to incorporate Equatorial Guinea through the creation of the appropriate National Committee.

A commission designated by the President of the CICTE met with Fernandez de Cordoba accompanied by the Director General of GETESA, Carlos Esono Miko Nsing, with the aim of analysing the integration requirements for our country in the International Commission for Optics.

Following the appropriate deliberations in the core of this commission, an agreement was made to present a definitive proposal to the President of the CICTE for the creation of a National Committee for Equatorial Guinea in the International Commission for Optics to which the national organisations GETESA, ORTEL and GITGE will be incorporated as members.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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