President of the Supreme Court at Network of African Institutions Conference

On Friday 31st March, a delegation from the Supreme Court of Justice, led by its president, Juan Carlos Ondo Angue, travelled to Jartum, (North Sudan), to take part in the I Conference of the African Higher Judicial Institutions. The aim of the meeting is to create a network of the senior courts of African States.

The President of the Supreme Court of Justice, in conversations with reporters from, before leaving Malabo, mentioned other associations which already exist, such as the network of the Supreme Court of the European Union, and on an African level, the Association of Higher Courts of Francophonie Countries.

“The intended network to be soon created in North Sudan is a response to the need to promote exchange and collaboration for the convergence of visits, and organisational criteria for judicial systems. The chosen matters to be debated are those which above all come up at a judicial systems level, in addition to the particular experiences of each country regarding the effectiveness and independence of judicial power, and the experience of each country regarding alternative ways to resolve litigation”, said Ondo Angue.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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