President receives experts from ASECNA

Experts from the general management of the Agency for Aerial Navigation Safety in Africa and Madagascar (ASECNA), whose headquarters is in Dakar, Senegal, were received on 21st November at the People’s Palace in Malabo by the Head of State and Government, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

The aim of the meeting for ASECNA was to obtain information on the progress of civil aviation in Equatorial Guinea. The data will be used to make a film on the history of aviation in our country, from colonial times to the present. The film will be shown in December, on the 30th anniversary of Equatorial Guinea joining the agency.

It is difficult to speak about this history with precision”, began the Head of State, on referring to 1950, prior to our country’s independence, at a time when the first aircraft in the country were small military planes with a mission to survey the coast.

The first flights arriving in Equatorial Guinea came from Spain, and made stops in countries with airports. The only means of transport in the nation was by sea, and that resulted in the idea of the Government to build airports in Malabo and Bata, recalled H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, at another moment.

The President also mentioned the airport in Bata, as the first significant airport in the country, where it was possible to provide services for international flights.

Regarding the joining of ASECNA, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo said that the UDEAC (Economic Customs Union of Central Africa) had led the country to join other organisations, as maintaining a company was very difficult and “ASECNA provided technical staff and technical advice, in addition to other services, in order to create our own company”.

The President also spoke about the birth of Ceiba Intercontinental and the recruitment of national pilots, and referred to the first pilots: Francisco Asumu Obama and Luciano Esono Bitaga Ntutum, and spoke about the present, in which there is now a staff of Equatoguinean pilots.

In the presence of the Minister of State to the Presidency of the Republic, Charged with Missions, Alejandro Evuna Owono Asangono, and the Minister for Civil Aviation, Leandro Miko Angue, the President responded to the experts from ASECNA on the processes undertaken by the Government for the purchase of the Boeing planes and the construction of the airports in Malabo, Bata, Mongomeyen, Corisco and Annobon, together with new plans for the future of the sector.

We have overcome the difficulties that were hard to resolve, and have an airline with its own planes, and airports to receive these planes, in order to reduce the stays and journey times for passengers. Thus we all have a duty to maintain the planes and airport infrastructure. It is difficult to maintain a plane, but it can be seen that people do not want to pay for plane tickets, they want to travel free, but they forget that the maintenance of planes is costly”, added the Head of State.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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