Presidents of Supreme Court and Constitutional Court receive visit from Prime Minister

The Presidents of the Supreme Court of Justice and the Constitutional Court, David Nguema Obiang and Fermin Nguema Esono, received a courtesy visit on the afternoon of Tuesday 4th September from the Prime Minister of the Government, Charged with Administrative Coordination, Francisco Obama Asue.

The aim of the visit by the Prime Minister was to pass on congratulations to the senior members of Judicial Power for their recent appointments.

In the name of the Head of State, Obama Asue declared in conversation with the press following his meeting with David Nguema Obiang, I have come to desire encouragement and courage, and tell them that it is a long road they have to travel, but that they have the firm backing of the Executive to participate in the aggrandisement of Judicial Power, with a constant trend towards improvement. We covers specific issues; among them the passage of the draft Law of the Higher Council of Judicial Power. I asked the President of the Supreme Court of Justice to issue the opinion of the Supreme Court, so that the Government can study the provision”.

The Prime Minister also stated that this was a continuation of the work began by his successor, Improve the improvable, correct the correctable, and that which is well done make better; and ask the population to have trust in Judicial Power, because they already know the pain and complaints shared by our society. It is the moment to work to improve everything”.

During the meeting with the President of the Constitutional Court, Fermin Nguema Esono, the Prime Minister restated the willingness of the Government to overcome any difficulties that may arise, promising to boost the contribution of the Executive to achieve balance between the powers of the State.

For his part, the president of the Constitutional Court welcomed the visit, and confirmed his complete willingness to work for the benefit of the State -Executive, Legislative and Judicial- so that they may work in close collaboration, within a framework of respect for the independence of the inherent powers of each.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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