Press communique from Minister for National Security

The Minister of State, Charged with National Security, Nicolas Obama Nchama, has issued a communique on the disbanding of a group of mercenaries contracted by opposition groups to attack the Government. This attempted State Coup was halted thanks to collaboration with security services from Cameroon. We include here the full text of the communique.


2nd January 2018

In relation to comments appearing on social media and within the population regarding the detention of certain mercenaries and the capture of a significant haul of military material on the common border of Kie Osi, with the aim of removing the Government of the peaceful people of Equatorial Guinea, this Ministry for National Security wishes to report the following to the people:

That on 24th December 2017, a group of mercenaries from Chad, Sudan and Central Africa entered the areas of Kie Osi, Ebebiyin, Mongomo, Bata and Malabo in order to attack the Head of State and Entourage who were at that moment in the Presidential Palace in Cohete, celebrating the traditional festivities of Christmas and New Year, and remove the Government and legitimate institutions. It is indicated that the mercenaries in question were contracted by some militant Equatoguineans from certain political groups from the radical opposition, both within and outside the country, with the backing of some powers.

The moment the Forces and Bodies of National Security were alerted via their services, a dismantlement operation was immediately activated, in coordination with security services from Cameroon, in accordance with the cooperation agreement signed between the Republic of Equatorial Guinea Minister for National Security and the General Delegation for National Security from the Republic of Cameroon in matters of internal security and the training of police corps, and the excellent relations which exist between the two countries.

As a consequence, the Ministry for National Security would like to use this occasion to thank the Forces and Bodies of Security from Cameroon for the significant role they played in the prevention of this attempted State Coup, with the detention of various mercenaries, and the capture of a large cache of military equipment.

With respect to this, the Ministry for National Security calls on the population to keep the peace and be very vigilant, reporting to the Forces and Security Bodies anything that could assist with the investigation of the case in hand, as some of these mercenaries are still to be found on national soil.

Finally, the Ministry for National Security reiterates its mission to guarantee the security of all citizens, and to repudiate any attempt at destabilisation from internal or external detractors whose aim is to cause slaughter within the civil population and create a situation of regression; a situation contradicting the political will of His Excellency the President of the Republic in ratifying the Agreements of free circulation for people and goods within the CEMAC area.

However, we will keep the population informed regarding the investigations that the Ministry is carrying out.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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