Press conference by President of FEGUIFUT

The President of FEGUIFUT. Gustavo Ndong Edu, held a press conference on Friday 19th October, to clarify the situation regarding the sanction imposed on Nzalang Women and their participation in the Ghana 2018 Africa Cup.

Following the publication of biased articles in the national and international media, and also in opposition media, in which they spoke of the falsification of documents, the President of FEGUIFUT has seen the need to call a press conference in order to provide an official Federation response to the imposed sanction.

Gustavo Ndong Edu provided a detailed explanation of the facts, which began on 9th October with the arrival of a letter from CAF which spoke about the illegal selection of the Equatoguinean player Jacky. On 14th another document arrived from CAF informing the Federation of the colours their national sides should use, assuming that the team would be playing the tournament and, surprisingly, on 17th , the notification arrived that Equatorial Guinea had been suspended, and would not be able to take part in the Ghana 2018 Africa Cup.

Firstly, the President clarified that it was a preliminary, precautionary resolution from the CAF Disciplinary Commission, which was not yet solid, and against which FEGUIFUT had lodged their intention to appeal, and that their intention had already been received by the President and General Secretary of CAF. The appeal will be lodged in the next few days before the Appeals Commission, which is above the Disciplinary Committee.

The problem arose through an appeal by Kenya against 9 Equatoguinean players. Only in the case of Jacky was it taken into account, as Cameroon has confirmed that the player is from Cameroon, which will have to be demonstrated before the Appeals Committee, as there is no evidence.

The player went to Cameroon in 2010, where she obtained another passport, to play in Russia and Serbia, and used that passport and not her Equatoguinean one, but that does not mean she is from Cameroon, nor that she had not acquired Equatoguinean nationality.

We have not falsified any document. The player came to Equatorial Guinea in 2003, and the players’ statutes, the previous one, said that if a player had lived in the country for two years than they could become nationals. The girl played in the Sirenas team in Ebebiyin, and then in A�guilas Verdes. She also took part in the CAF qualifiers in 2008, and thus meet the time requirements for nationalisation. In addition, we have a sworn declaration from the mother of Jacky affirming that the father of the girl is an Equatoguinean from Ebebiyin.

We are not going to fight against CAF, we are going to work shoulder to shoulder with them, in order not to have problems of this type. We are going to look at which players we can use with respect to the CAF and FIFA players’ statutes. What we are not going to give up are players such as Salome Nke or Chinasa Okoro, who meet all the requirements and everyone knows they are from here”, stated Ndong Edu.

The Federation is working flat out in order to solve the problem, so that the team can play in the Ghana Africa Cup, and in addition to the letters sent to CAF, a letter has also been sent to the Government, to the Minister from the Ministry for Education, University Teaching and Sports, to address the issue as soon as possible.

To conclude, the FEGUIFUT President issued a clear message for the future, The Executive Board and I maintain the hope that our appeal will be successful and can guarantee that within the year we will have a well-defined project, and will never again suffer sanctions of this nature, in neither the women’s or the men’s sides”.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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