Press conference on Activating Ecotourism

On Monday 25th February, the Secretary of State for Tourism, Catalina Martinez Asumu, oversaw the presentation of a press conference on ecology and tourism. It was attended by two experts, Noam Shandy and Dubi Shapero, who have carried out a study, and they reported on the results, contributions, threats and weaknesses found during the expedition.

The press conference was attended by the Secretary of State for the Environment, representatives of tourist establishments, travel companies, secretaries of State from various ministerial departments and international organisations, among others.

Following a short introduction by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Noam Shany began by speaking about the aims of the work, in order to get to know the conditions in the country. The research took place in the continental region, in the forests of Allende, Monte Alen, in the area of Djibloho and Nsork, while in the island region they went to Moka, Rio Tiburon, Pico Basile and Ureca.

In total, they photographed over 300 birds, from five endemic species in Bioko and Annobon.

Another aspect highlighted was the strengthening of ecotourism, for which it is necessary to simplify the process for issuing tourist visas, to improve transport links in Annobon, and to have specialist guides.

In the world there are 120 million bird-spotters, and the sector creates employment and capital in protected areas.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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