Press conference with the President Founder

Following his closing speech at the VI Ordinary National Congress, the President Founder held a press conference, in which he responded to the national and international media regarding various questions relating to this great party conference, and other matters of interest.

In the first question relating to the political development of the country, the President Founder expressed satisfaction with how the party had evolved politically: The message from the PDGE has been for a change of mentality in the people, especially in the militants of the PDGE, I am happy for the assimilation of the militancy of this change of mentality”.

Asked by the Director General of the Government’s Institutional Web Page, Filiberto Nseme Nsue, about the economic situation, the President referred to the fact that the problem facing us is the crisis, and the party’s agendas addressed how to confront this crisis: “What we want is that the difficulties are resolved little by little. The party has recommended the creation of guilds, so that a business fabric is created which can absorb the labour that is currently unemployed”.

There was also a question about the trial taking place in France against the Vice-President of the Republic, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue.

The case brought by Transparency is a farce by Mr. Bourdon, who has many interests in Equatorial Guinea, and has failed in his attempt to want to earn money here. He had a service company in the oil sector and, when we demanded that he paid his taxes, he did not want to pay. Later he set up a supervision company for oil companies, to carry out audits, but the amount he asked for was too high, and the Government would not accept it. From that point, it all began. This trial, since the outset, has not bothered me. We have a reciprocal protection agreement with France covering investment and, when we asked for this agreement to be applied, the response from the French Government is that it cannot act against the courts. The French Government should demand that the courts respect signed agreements.

The problem is that they want to humiliate Equatorial Guinea. We have maintained diplomatic relations, but we cannot go on in this way. That attitude leads us to believe that the French Government cannot defend the agreements it signs”, replied the President.

Colleagues from Prensa Latina asked about relations with the regime in Cuba.

Traditionally, Equatorial Guinea has had excellent relations with the Republic of Cuba, since the arrival of independence. We have prioritised collaboration on health, and also in the education sector. We wish to prioritise education and training, a sector in which we have the collaboration of Cuba”, replied Obiang Nguema Mbasogo,

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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