Press release on Africa Day

To mark the celebration of Africa Day, the Turkish embassy in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea has sent a press release which we are publishing here.

The African Union (AU) declared 25th May, which marks the anniversary of its founding, as Africa Day, on which we celebrate all the nations on the African continent.

In virtue of Africa Day, various events are also held each year in Turkey. This year, with reference to Africa Day, an Iftar dinner was held on Thursday 23rd Mat at the Presidential Complex, attended by the First Lady of the Republic of Turkey, Emine Erdogan, and the guest of honour, Zeynep Abdi Muallim, First Lady of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

The book “African Food Culture”, prepared with contributions from the wives of ambassadors from African countries in Ankara, was released to mark the celebration.

We fully support the efforts towards peace, stability and the development of the African continent, whose influence on the global picture is increasing progressively. We will continue to develop our cooperation and extend our solidarity in all areas with African countries and the African Union, in line with our Policy of Association with Africa and within the period up to the III Turkey-Africa Summit, which is set to be held in Turkey in 2020″.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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