Prime Minister meets Ministry for Education Executive Board

Francisco Pascual Obama Asue held a meeting with officials from the Ministry for Education, University Teaching and Sports, on 15th May. Among the matters examined during the meeting were the absence from their posts of a total of 368 teachers, according to data from the Presidency of the Government.

This meeting focussed on the teaching staff, the services provided for the education of pupils, and the tools in order to obtain quality education.

Among the problems faced within the department is the absence of 368 teachers from their destinations; this is particularly prevalent in rural areas and outlying areas, whereas in the large urban centres there are too many teachers.

The head of the ministry, JesA�s Engonga Ndong, in his speech, welcomed the meeting, and declared that the problem lay in the fact that a large number of female teachers were taking the Right to Withdrawal. The solution to the problem will come with the incorporation of educators being trained in Prodege.

The construction of a protection wall for the Media Rey Malabo Teaching Centre has not been built, stressed Obama Asue, and for that reason he urged the ministry to send a commission to verify the degree of compliance with the mandate, as the work was paid for by the Government with 70 million Franco CFA.

Furthermore, Obama Asue expressed his concern for the situation regarding teachers who, despite having carried out their functions for several years, have not been appointed as public servants with full rights. For that reason, he asked for collaboration between the Ministry for Education and that of Public Administration and Administrative Reform, in order that they can jointly carry out an evaluation of these cases and make the corresponding appointments.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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