Prime Minister meets with general secretaries and chiefs from GETESA

The two separate meetings occupied the work of the Prime Minister of the Government, Charged with Administrative Coordination, on the morning of Monday 2nd September.

The first meeting took place at the headquarters of the Ministry for Finance, the Economy and Planning, with employees from GETESA. The second took place at the Presidency of the Government in Malabo II, with general secretaries from ministerial departments.

At the meeting with GETESA personnel, Obama Asue covered matters relating to irregularities which have arisen at the heart of the national company.

There are various irregularities that have arisen in the Equatorial Guinea telecommunications company, and as a consequence the normal function of services has been paralysed, according to the Prime Minister. He also referred to specific problems, such as the creation of fictitious subcontractors, the excessive or irregular recruitment of personnel, the signing of phantom projects, arbitrary sackings, costs deriving from unnecessary trips, and a reduction in income and increase in costs.

Faced with this situation, the Prime Minister has formed a commission led by the Vice-Minister for Public Administration and Administrative Reform, Santiago Nsobeya Barreiros, who will be in charge of checking on the cases and subsequently issuing a report within a period of two weeks.

At the second meeting, Obama Asue commented on the report on the latest 2018 census, which includes discrepancies between the data on the censored officials and those receiving a salary through the General Treasury. Likewise, the Prime Minister drew attention to the high number of uncensored officials of unknown whereabouts. Of the 14,435 on the 2018 censor, 11,301 have appointments and 3,134 are contracted officials.

In this context, Francisco Pascual Obama Asue declared to those present that the desire of the Government is, in collaboration with ministries, to carry out detailed analysis on the cases, in order to seek a solution for long-term contracted personnel, taking into account the administrative level of each one.

At another moment during the meeting, the Prime Minister of the Government invited the general secretaries present to carry out with rigour and responsibility their duties, acting at all times in accordance with the laws governing our administration.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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