Prime Minister oversees start of Seminar on Business Climate in Equatorial Guinea

The Prime Minister is overseeing the start of Seminar on Business Climate in Equatorial Guinea. The seminar aims to raise awareness in public and private institutions on the importance of creating an adequate strategic and legal framework for the development of the private sector in Equatorial Guinea, and adopt optimum implementation mechanisms to boost direct foreign investment in the country.

The seminar features the participation of consultants from the Official Singapore Agency, charged with serving as a focal point for access for foreign nations, in order to take advantage of the development experience of Singapore, known as the Singapore Corporation Enterprise.

This training is an initiative by the Ministry for Finance, the Economy and Planning, and the Equatorial Guinea Horizonte 2020 National Agency.

Obama Asue, in his speech, underlined the fact that the organisation of this seminar was a faithful reflection of the efforts deployed by the Government within the framework of the implementation of one of the mainstays of the Horizonte 2020 plan, which is to promote and favour the development of the national private sector.

The Prime Minister also recognised that the latest Doing Business report, which the World Bank group publishes annually, revealed that Equatorial Guinea had experienced less favourable progress than had been expected, falling four points with respect to the position in the report from the previous year.

This seminar will also serve as an introduction to the Third National Economic Conference, which will take place in the first fortnight of 2019. It will set out the bases for the reorientation of Horizonte 2020.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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