PRODEGE organises 2nd ESBA Mathematics Teaching Strategies Workshop

In Bata, the second training workshop aimed at directors and departmental heads in mathematics, and some experienced teachers in this area, regarding teaching techniques allowing the use of the existing text books as tools in ESBA came to a close. It began on Tuesday 2nd May, with a total of 83 participants, a main facilitator, and two co-facilitators.

According to the Equatorial Guinea Educational Development Programme (PRODEGE), through a commitment to the Ministry for Education and Science, and following training for all the heads of public secondary centres, the aim is to direct the efforts of directors and departmental heads and inspectors throughout the nation, by considering the said structures as platforms for self-teaching and teacher intervention, in order to obtain quality education. The general aims were to identify and construct easily-applied specific strategies for application in centres, in order to make the teaching of mathematics an active meaningful process, which allows the development of logical thought, and which benefits ESBA students, providing knowledge that is useful for life; to obtain strategies for the creative and efficient use of the existing text books, turning them into the tool which promotes collaborative learning and a variety of interactions among students, with the teacher, and which can be applied in their immediate contexts.

The district Technical Inspector for Education in Bata, Ricardo Miguel Mesaka Bote, representing the Regional Delegate for Education and Science, in his closing words, extended his thanks to PRODEGE, the right arm of the ministry. At the end of the development of this content, the participants, grouped by centre, have drawn up a plan to put what was learned into practice, and design new ways to share with their fellow maths teachers at their corresponding educational centres.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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