PRODEGE work plan approved for 2017

The PRODEGE Steering Committee met to approve the work plan for 2017. The Vice-Minister for Education and Science, Maria JesA�s Ncara Owono, oversaw the act, representing the minister.

With respect to the joint participation agreement signed between the ministries of Education and Science, Mines and Hydrocarbons, and the HESS corporation, for the implementation of the Equatorial Guinea Educational Development Programme (PRODEGE), the programme steering committee has approved the budget plan for 2017.

The ORODEGE is an initiative by the President of the Republic, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and John Hess, president of Hess. Through a joint agreement between the sponsors, PRODEGE is governed by the International Organisation for Educational Development, DHI360, in close cooperation with the Ministry for Education and Science.

The Deputy Executive Director of PRODEGEM Vicente Nsue Nsue Mengue, in conversation with the press, in addition to praising the work that is being carried out by the programme through the training of teachers, also gave details of the working plan for this year, which includes strategies such as training for the recycling of approximately 6000 Primary and Pre-school teachers, through 300 teaching networks, in order to obtain the Teaching Aptitude Certificate (CAP).

Other strategies include a start to the training for accreditation of 1500 Primary and Pre-school teachers, leading to the achievement of the Title of Master of Primary or Pre-school; a beginning of technical assistance at the ESBA level, focussing on matters concerning educational leadership and school management in public centres; an updating and boosting of technologies within the Information System and School Map (SIME) from the MES, for the sustainable production of quality statistics applying the experiences of other countries; together with the spreading of statistical data and the promotion of its use in decision-making, in order to improve the education system.

After approving the 2017 Work Plan, PRODEGE will continue with the implementation of the approved activities.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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