Programme for the Elimination of Malaria in Bioko, among 5 finalists for Concordia P3 Impact Award

The Programme for the Elimination of Malaria on the island of Bioko (BIMEP) has been selected as a finalist for the P3 Impact Award, together with other leading projects on a global level: Care 2 Communities, the Forum of the Alliance of Basic Products (CAF), and the Value Chain Development Programme (VCDP), “Conservamos la Vida” and Value Chains for Rural Development. The P3 Impact Award is an award created by the Business School and Darden Society from the University of Virginia, the Office of Global Associations from the State Department of the United States Government and by Concordia, who wish to recognise and honour the leading public-private partnerships (P3) for inter-sector collaboration, who work to achieve an improvement in communities and in the world.

The Annual Concordia Summit aims to create partnerships and links creating social impact, and brings together over 3000 influential people and creators of partnerships in the public.private sector from the main non-profit organisations. The award will be presented on 24th September, within the framework of the Annual Concordia Summit 2019, which is to take place on the margins of the Annual Assembly of Heads of State from the United Nations.

The Care 2 Communities (C2C) project, together with the Ministry for health in Haiti, is a public-private partnership which combines the effective social business model of C2C with the large-scale capacity of the Ministry, with the aim of effectively improving access to high quality, accessible primary community care throughout the country.

Forum of the Alliance of Basic Products (CAF) and the Value Chain Development Programme (VCDP) work to provide small producers of rice in Nigeria with access to a profitable trusted market for their products.

Conservamos La Vida is a project which unites technical, logistical and financial efforts in order to achieve the protection of the Andean bear on the Western Cordillera, in one of the five Preservation Nuclei for the Andean bear in Colombia. The aim of the project is the preservation of a viable population of the Andean bear, in a connected landscape of protected and managed areas and sustainable production areas.

Value Chains for Rural Development” work in the communities of small, ethnically diverse farmers, in Myanmar, in order to obtain better economic achievements in the market of special coffees, at a national and international level. In this way, the Partnership wants to improve agricultural productivity, stimulating inclusive economic growth in a country which has for a long time been isolated from the global market.

Finally, we recall that the Programme for the Elimination of Malaria from the Island of Bioko (BIMEP) is a long term public-private finance agreement, which addresses morbidity and mortality caused by malaria on the island of Bioko. Participating in the project are the Ministry for Health and Social Welfare from the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, the oil companies AMPCO, Noble Energy and Marathon Oil, the non-profit organisations MCDI and IFAKARA, and the biomedical community, with Sanaria and academic, with Swiss TPH.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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