Programme for the VI PDGE Ordinary National Congress

For continuous renewal “We foster the renewal of the party with determination and confidence” is the banner for the VI PDGE Ordinary National Congress, to be held in the city of Bata on the 4th, 5th and 6th July, 2017.

According to the programme, on Monday 3rd July guests begin to arrive, along with accreditation and the accommodation of congressmen/women and special guests. On the same day a thanksgiving mass is also planned at the Cathedral Church in Bata.

Tuesday 4th July

The start of gatherings within the grounds of the Ngolo Congress Palace for folk dancing and bands is planned, together with PDGE militants and sympathisers. The arrival and accommodation of national delegations of congressmen/women; the arrival and accommodation of members of the Executive and National Council of the PDGE, among other party dignitaries and special guests at the congress. Arrival and accommodation of the Vice-Presidents of the party.

At twelve noon on 4th July, the Official Opening Ceremony for the VI Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea Ordinary National Congress begins, under the following order of protocol: singing of the party anthem; welcome speech by the Mayor of Bata. Greeting and welcome speech by Brother Militant President of the Bata PDGE District Council.

Messages and motions from the delegations from national political parties of friendly countries, special guests and national bodies. Opening speech for the VI Ordinary National Congress by Brother Militant H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President Founder of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea. After the speech by the President Founder and a short pause, the table for the Congress will be constituted.

The PDGE General Secretary, Jeronimo Osa Osa Ecoro will present the party report on activities carried out by the party since the last Ordinary Congress. The Prime Minister of the Government of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea will report on actions and projects planned for the effective acceleration of national policies for the reactivation and diversification of sources of growth, economic sustainability in the short, medium and long term, and the fight against unemployment. Government report on the degree of compliance with recommendations from the III Extraordinary National Party Congress.

Wednesday 5th July: cycle of presentations

Topic 1.- Presentation on the General Policy of the PDGE, presented by the General Secretary of the Party.

Topic 2.- Sector groupings of professionals as an alternative for business promotion.

Topic 3.- Strategic vision of the National Development Plan Horizonte 2020, and the current national and international economic situation.

Topic 4.- Mechanisms to strengthen the production, transport, and national and international commercialisation of national products.

Topic 5.- Mechanisms of the Government of the Nation, and alternative financing for the industrialisation of Equatorial Guinea.

Topic 6.- Mechanisms of the Government of the Nation to improve the investment climate in Equatorial Guinea.

Topic 7.- Clandestine immigration in Equatorial Guinea, and its consequences.

End of the cycle of conferences

Start of political speeches in the following order:

Representative of PDGE Regional Cells Abroad. Delegates from Specialist Organisations: Workers, ASHO, Antorcha, Women. Delegations from the District Councils of: Bata, Mbini, Kogo, Malabo, Baney, Luba, Riaba, Annobon, Evinayong, Niefang Akurenam, Mongomo, AAisok, Nsork, Aconibe, Ebebiyin, Micomeseng, Nsok-Nsomo and Djibloho.

Thursday 6th June:

Official Closing Session of the VI PDGE Ordinary National Congress under the following order of protocol:

Reading of resolutions adopted by the VI Ordinary national Congress.

Swearing in of Vice-Presidents.

Swearing in of Members of the National Council.

Decoration by symbolic representation of outstanding Party Militants.

Adoption of the Institutional Declaration of the VI Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea

Ordinary National Congress.

Final Communique of the IV Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea Ordinary National Congress.

Motions of congratulations and gratitude to the Organisation Commission to the Authorities of the host city.

Closing speech of the VI PDGE Ordinary National Congress by the President Founder of the Party. Singing the Party anthem.

Closing Reception. End of the Congress, and the Return of the congressmen/women and guests to their respective places of origin.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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