Refresher course for staff at Secretariat of Presidency ends

The Minister General Secretary of the Presidency of the Government, Baltasar Esono Eworo, oversaw the closing ceremony for this refresher course aimed at personnel from the Secretariat of the Presidency of the Government.

The officials at the Secretariat thanked the six teachers who gave the course, which began on 8th February and ended on 8th March. All the students received certificates of recognition for having assimilated the concepts.

The Minister General Secretary, in his short speech, underlined the importance of courses of this kind, both on a work level, and for the personal file of each individual, and stated that every year two courses of this type would be organised, and would be longer in duration, so that the participants could receive full training before the end of each course.

Maximiliano Osa Nsue, one of the officials who took part in the course, did not hide his emotions before the cameras of TVGE when asked by reporters about the course.

Along the same lines, Feliciano Mba Nsue Asumu, head of academic relations and teacher on the course, praised the positive nature of the initiative, but also pointed out some difficulties that they had had to overcome during the course.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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