Refresher course on diplomacy ends

The refresher course on diplomacy and its management in the modern era, aimed at director generals and associates of the Central State Administration, which began three weeks ago, came to an end on 27th May.

The closing ceremony took place at the ministerial headquarters of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, overseen by the chief, Simeon Oyono Esono. The course came under Government policy in its efforts to refresh officials in Public Administration, contained in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Action Plan.

The aim is to provide the participants with the skills necessary for diplomatic work, as a highly technical profession, which required detailed knowledge and continuous refreshing, as it takes place in a multilateral setting, within a system which is more and more globalised. The foreign policy of Equatorial Guinea, the frameworks of action in the diplomatic world, contemporary diplomacy and multilateralism were the main topics covered during the course. Added to those were the management of leadership, climate change, the UN Security Council, and budgetary management and its macroeconomic impact.

The minister pointed out to those on the course that the world is today ever-changing and globalised. He thus insisted on the importance of refreshing knowledge as the best incentive for good management of the public area. It is hoped that the knowledge acquired will contribute to the profitability of the participants’ activities.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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