Regional Bureau for West and Central Africa Education Newsletter, June 2020

World Refugee Day was celebrated this year under the theme Everyone can make a difference, every action counts. Despite restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrations have placed education at the centre of the festivities in many countries.
In Ghana, refugee children decided to organize a COVID sensitization campaign. They demonstrated to their peers and parents how to properly wash hands to keep the virus away. They also used the community radio to propagate their message.
The children said that the pandemic is raging on relentlessly and so must education and sensitization.
In Mali, WRD saw the launch of radio distributions for distance education, accompanied by community awareness sessions to improve support for children. In Chad, the renewal of the partnership between UNHCR and the French Embassy is strengthening refugees’ access to the second cycle of higher education. In Niger, awareness-raising sessions on the importance of girls’ education were organized in Ayoru, while the celebration of the Day of the African Child in Diffa also highlighted the importance of education.
In Cameroon, UNHCR’s partner Plan International has posted on its Facebook page the video of the #ForYou campaign against COVID-19 involving DAFI students, while in Nigeria DAFI students launched their own communication campaign.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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