Reorientation meeting for senators’ activities

The Senate table held a reprogramming meeting on 21st October for activities corresponding to the second ordinary period of parliamentary sessions 2019. After carrying out some of the activities covered in the working schedule for the Second Ordinary Period of Parliamentary Sessions 2019, the Senate table, overseen by Teresa Efua Asangono, met to adjust the working schedule, and they began the work with the presentation and adoption of the draft agenda and a review of the minutes from the previous session, read by the First Secretary for Minutes, Martin Crisanto Ebee Mba.

The meeting serves as an occasion to debate the content of the minutes in question which covers the report on the execution of the general State budgets corresponding to the first six months of the 2019 economic period, the proposal for the authorisation and ratification of international agreements and conventions, seven draft laws that will be submitted by the Government to Parliament, and five proposed laws from the Senate, among other matters.

Among the projects submitted to parliament, there is the draft law to reform Article 41 of law number 05/2007, on General Education in Equatorial Guinea, which is being redrafted by a mixed commission made up of some members of the Permanent Commission on Education, Culture, Information and Sports, and senior officials from the Ministry for Education, University teaching and Sports, in order to obtain a text which can be understood by all users.

The same package of projects also covers the one on Mines, the study of which in second reading recently concluded in the Permanent Commission on Energy, Industry, Mines and Tourism, while the Senate expects to shortly receive from the Chamber of Deputies the files for the draft postal and ports laws, and the general law on merchant shipping, in addition to the tourism agreement between the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and the Republic of Tunisia.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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