Reporting Sexual Violence Monthly News Brief – March 2022

Reporting Sexual Violence

By state bodies or conflict actors that particularly targets IDPs and refugees, aid, health workers or educators or students among others.


Burkina Faso

04 March 2022: Between Pama and Nadiagou village, Kompienga province, two female IDPs were raped by militants presumed to be from Jama’at Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin (JNIM). Source: ACLED1

15 March 2022: In Nadiagou town, Kompienga province, a girl was raped by militants presumed to be from JNIM. The militants also looted a store in Nadiagou town. Source: ACLED1


18 March 2022: In Amchide town, Mayo-Sava department, Far North region, eight women and six girls aged between 13-14, all of Arab ethnicity, were raped by Boko Haram militants while searching for firewood. Source: SembeTv

Democratic Republic of the Congo

05 March 2022: In Kanyeshongo village, Rutshuru territory, North Kivu, two girls were kidnapped and raped whilst in captivity by unidentified armed men. A man was also kidnapped alongside the girls and a ransom was demanded for their release. Source: Kivu Security Tracker

07 March 2022: In Kabambare-centre, Kabambare territory, Maniema province, two women were kidnapped and raped in captivity by Mai-Mai militiamen from Malaika-Hercules faction. Source: ACLED1

Source: Insecurity Insight

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